Abstract de la publi numéro 9149

World Wide Web has taken the form of a social network and if analyzed carefully, we can extract various communities from this network based on different parameters like culture, trust, behavior, relationships etc. Such analysis can ultimately lead to the development of such information retrieval strategies that provide information according to the needs of the users. The Small World Effect is a kind of behavior that has been discovered in many natural phenomena by different researchers. The set of nodes in a network showing Small World Effect form a local network within the major network highlighting the properties of a Small World Network. This research is focused on observing different web networks to check whether they show Small World Network behavior or not and if yes then to what extent. Three web networks graphs being observed in this regard are Term-Term similarity network graph, Document-Document similarity network graph and Hyperlink network graph. We define a criterion and then compare these network graphs against that criterion. The network graph which fulfills that criterion is considered as Small World Network