Abstract de la publi numéro 6081

In Signal Processing, the concepts of frequency, which are usually referred to as as ¿spectral¿ones, are omnipresent. The transition from analog methods to the use of digital tools in spectral analysis was first achieved by simple adaptation of the classical analog tools that had long been used previously. However, beyond the simple quest of methods with better frequency resolution , it has been possible to develop specific digital tools based on parametric modeling. This book deals with these parametric methods, first discussing those based on time series models, Capon¿s method and its variants, and then estimators based on the notions of sub-spaces. Nevertheless, the book also deals with the traditional ¿analog¿ methods, now called non-parametric ones, which are still the most widely used in practical spectral analysis. CONTENTS: Part I. Tools for spectral analysis: 1. Fundamentals ¿ Francis Castanié. 2. Digital Processing of signals ¿ Eric Le Carpentier. 3. Estimation in spectral analysis ¿ Olivier Besson and André Ferrari. 4. Time-series models ¿ Francis Castanié. Part II. Non-parametric methods: 5. Non-parametric methods ¿ Eric Le Carpentier. Part III. Parametric methods: 6. Modeling of stationary time series ¿ Corinne Mailhes and Francis Castanié. 7. Minimum variance ¿ Nadine Martin. 8. Sub-space based Estimators ¿ Sylvie Marcos. 9. Spectral analysis of random non-stationary signals ¿ Corinne Mailhes and Francis Castanié.