Abstract de la publi numéro 4468

There has been much joint work over many years on sparse matrix software between CERFACS and IRIT (and other collaborators such as Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, LaBRI, LIP-ENSL, Parallab, University of Florida, Berkeley, ...). This has given rise to the production of several software packages that are available to the scientific community. The goal of the Project is to design an expert site that uses the accumulated expertise just mentioned. It will provide access to a wide range of tools and software for sparse matrices, to a related bibliography, and to collections of sparse matrices. The user may want to interrogate our data bases for information or references on sparse matrix work or may want actual statistics from runs of sparse software on his or her problem. The main advantage in the availability of a computational grid is that each request may give rise to a large number of computations (for example, potentially as many simultaneous executions of a sparse package as the number of appropriate values of input parameters for that software) which can be conveniently handled by a sufficiently large grid. In this talk we will describe the main software components of our project, namely: * Websolve : a web interface for the expertise request on the grid, * Weaver : an environment for describing and running services on the grid, as well as some scenari to illustrate the behaviour of the site.