Abstract de la publi numéro 11987

To effectively manage network resources and to serve different traffic needs, several studies have been done in the Quality of Service (QoS) area. Basically, 'Multi-Field' (MF) packet classifiers classify a packet by looking for multiple fields of the IP-TCP headers, recognise which flow the packet belongs to, and according to this information, provide service differentiation in IP networks. However, for security purposes, existing security protocols (such as the IPSec ESP) hide much of this information in their encrypted payloads, preventing network control devices such as routers and switches from utilising this information in performing classification appropriately. The ESPQ protocol deals with this problem but it has some security weaknesses. In this paper, we present the ESPQ vulnerabilities and we propose QoS-friendly Encapsulated Security Payload (Q-ESP) as a security protocol that provides both security and QoS support.