Abstract de la publi numéro 11142

Deploying and managing secure Virtual Enterprises (VEs) is one of the key challenges facing the scientific community. Opening and protecting its Information System (IS) is the big dilemma facing enterprises in such environments. In fact, opening its IS presents security challenges on technical and organizational levels; thus, efficient management solutions must be adopted in order to ensure the security of the shared resources and competencies. Centralized solutions offer a higher level of security but they increase the administrators’ management tasks. Distributed solutions reduce the management tasks but necessitate a higher level of trust between partners. Within this paper, we deal with access control security issues facing enterprises when deciding to deploy a VE and put critical resources at the disposal of partners. We provide a detailed description on the utilization of SecMaLET “Security Maturity Level Evaluation Tool” which helps an enterprise to evaluate the level of trust it can have in its partners which influence the choice of the technical solution to adopt. This evaluation is based on the experience that these partners have in terms of security practices.