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@InProceedings{ TaDaDiBo2008.1,
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abstract = {There has been an increasing interest in exploiting multiple sources of evidence for improving the quality of a search engine’s results. User context elements like interests, preferences and intents are the main sources exploited in information retrieval approaches to better fit the user information needs. Using the user intent to improve the query specific retrieval search relies on classifying web queries into three types: informational, navigational and transactional according to the user intent. However, query type classification strategies involved are based solely on query features where the query type decision is made out of the user context represented by his search history. In this paper, we present a contextual query classification method making use of both query features and the user context defined by quality indicators of the previous query session type called the query profile. We define a query session as a sequence of queries of the same type. Preliminary experimental results carried out using TREC data show that our approach is promising.}