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@Article{ MiBoBaDu2007.5,
author = {Millerioux, Jean-Pierre and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Bazile, Caroline and Ducasse , Alain},
title = "{frequency estimation in iterative interference cancellation applied to multibeam datellite systems}",
journal = {EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking},
publisher = {Hindawi Publishing Corporation},
address = {},
year = {2007},
volume = {2007},
pages = {11--22},
language = {anglais},
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keywords = {satellite,beamforming,multiuser},
abstract = {This paper deals with interference cancellation techniques to mitigate cochannel interference on the reverse link of multibeam satellite communication systems. The considered system takes as a starting point the DVB-RCS standard with the use of convolutional coding. The considered algorithm consists of an iterative parallel interference cancellation scheme which includes estimation of beamforming coefficients. This algorithm is first derived in the case of a symbol asynchronous channel with time-invariant carrier phases. The aim of this article is then to study possible extensions of this algorithm to the case of frequency offsets affecting user terminals. The two main approaches evaluated and discussed here are based on (1) the use of block processing for estimation of beamforming coefficients in order to follow carrier phase variations and (2) the use of single-user frequency offset estimations. }