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@Article{ YuBoVaDuMe2006.1,
author = {Yu, Jung-Pil and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Vallet, Robert and Duverdier, Alban and Mesnager, Gilles},
title = "{interleaver design of turbo-codes from convergence analysis}",
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keywords = { Convergence interleaver design , iterative decoding, message propagation, turbo codes },
abstract = {n this letter, we present an analysis tool for the convergence of a turbo decoder using the min-sum algorithm. First of all, we classify cycles on a turbo code factor graph. We define and develop a quantity which characterizes the trellis convergence and a probability of a message round on a cycle. Our analysis is then applied to an interleaver design for a turbo decoder using the min-sum algorithm. Since the probability of a message round is closely related to the convergence property, the constructed interleaver optimizes the convergence property. The performance is compared with several referential interleavers.}