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@InProceedings{ MaQuPa2007.1,
author = {Mauran, Philippe and Quéinnec, Philippe and Padiou, Gérard},
title = "{Separability to help Parallel Simulation of Distributed Computations}",
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keywords = {parallel discrete event simulation, causality, scheduling, separability},
abstract = {We consider the parallel simulation of distributed systems based upon the notion of separability. We define a model of distributed systems that integrates a limited set of temporal properties, from which we deduce specific parallel simulation strategies avoiding rollback and dynamic scheduling which are often necessary to obtain an optimal rate of parallelism in parallel and/or distributed simulations. In particular, we present strategies that enable to compute the simulation schedule in advance, or even statically. This approach appears to be relevant for a large class of distributed computations, inasmuch as it relies upon a limited set of temporal properties of the simulated systems. }