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@TechReport{ AmDuGuSl2007.1,
author = {Amestoy, Patrick and Duff, Iain and Guermouche, Abdou and Slavova, Tzvetomila},
title = "{Analysis of the Out-of-Core Solution Phase of a Parallel Multifrontal Approach}",
year = {2007},
month = {avril},
type = {Rapport de recherche},
number = {RT/APO/07/3},
institution = {IRIT},
address = {Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse},
language = {français},
keywords = {Out-of-core; distributed computing; sparse linear algebra;},
abstract = {We consider the parallel solution of sparse linear systems of equations in a limited memory environment. A preliminary out-of core version of a sparse multifrontal code called MUMPS (MUltifrontal Massively Parallel Solver) has been developed as part of a collaboration with members of the INRIA project GRAAL. In this context, we assume that the factors have been written on the hard disk during the factorization phase, and we discuss the design of an efficient solution~phase. Two different approaches are presented to read data from the disk, with a discussion on the advantages and the drawbacks of each one. Our work differs and extends the work of \cite{rosc:99} and \cite{rot:04} because firstly we consider a parallel out-of-core context, and secondly we focus on the performance of the solve phase. }