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@Article{ BrDa2008.1,
author = {Braffort, Annelies and Dalle, Patrice},
title = "{Sign language applications: preliminary modeling}",
journal = {Universal Access in the Information Society, Emerging Technologies for Deaf Accessibility in the Information Society},
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keywords = {sign language modeling, signing space, sign analysis, sign synthesis},
abstract = {For deaf persons to have ready access to information and communication technologies (ICTs), the latter must be usable in sign language (SL), i.e., include interlanguage interfaces. Such applications will be accepted by deaf users if they are reliable and respectful of SL specificities—use of space and iconicity as the structuring principles of the language. Before developing ICT applications, it is necessary to model these features, both to enable analysis of SL videos and to generate SL messages by means of signing avatars. This paper presents a signing space model, implemented within a context of automatic analysis and automatic generation, which are currently under development.}