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@InProceedings{ BaCaSa2007.1,
author = {Ballabriga, Clément and Cassé, Hugues and Sainrat, Pascal},
title = "{WCET computation on software components by partial static analysis}",
booktitle = "{Junior Researcher Workshop on Real-Time Computing, Nancy, 29/03/07-30/03/07}",
year = {2007},
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pages = {15--18},
language = {anglais},
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abstract = {The current Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) computation methods are designed to be used on a whole program. This approach has scalability limitations and can not be applied to programs made up of multiple components: a method to perform partial analysis on components is needed. In this paper, we present a general method to perform partial analysis on components and to compose these partial results to compute the overall WCET. To check the approach, we have implemented and experimented the partial analysis on the behavior prediction of direct-mapped instruction cache. The experimentation shows big speedup in analysis computation time with an almost negligible growth of pessimism.}