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@Misc{ KaBeBaNa2006.6,
author = {Kamel, Michel and Benzekri, Abdelmalek and Barrère, François and Nasser, Bassem},
title = "{Deploying a distributed access control architecture within a VO network}",
year = {2006},
month = {octobre},
howpublished = {Présentation orale},
language = {anglais},
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keywords = {VIVACE, access control, identity federation, PMI},
abstract = {Virtual Organizations (VOs) offer new challenges and ways of working. By offering a new model of cooperation between enterprises, they may be built dynamically. We are interested in deploying and enforcing the VO access control policy in order to manage access to the different partners’ critical resources. Concepts such as security policies and access control within a VO are being considered in order to deploy a shared infrastructure supporting the secure exchange of information between partners within the VO. Privilege Management Infrastructures (PMIs) in addition to identity federation are studied and a proposal architecture is described. }