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@Article{ MaGe2007.6,
author = {Martinon, Pierre and Gergaud, Joseph},
title = "{Using switching detection and variational equations for the shooting method.}",
journal = {Optimal Control, Applications and Methods},
publisher = {Wiley},
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year = {2007},
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volume = {28},
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keywords = {Shooting method, Jacobian evaluation, switching detection, variational equations.},
abstract = {We study in this paper the resolution by single shooting of an optimal control problem with a bang-bang control involving a large number of commutations. We focus on the handling of these commutations regarding the precise computation of the shooting function and its Jacobian. We first observe the impact of a switching detection algorithm on the shooting method results. Then, we study the computation of the Jacobian of the shooting function, by comparing classical finite differences to a formulation using the variational equations. We consider as an application a low thrust orbital transfer with payload maximization. This kind of problem presents a discontinuous optimal control, and involves up to 1800 commutations for the lowest thrust.}