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@InCollection{ BaBoPrPa2006.1,
author = {Baziz, Mustapha and Boughanem, Mohand and Prade, Henri and Pasi, Gabriella},
title = "{A fuzzy logic approach to information retrieval using an ontology-based representation of documents}",
booktitle = "{Fuzzy Logic and the semantic web}",
publisher = {Elsevier},
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year = {2006},
editor = {Sanchez, E.},
pages = {363--377},
chapter = {18},
language = {anglais},
note = {BougP et al. 002},
abstract = {The paper proposes an approach to information retrieval based on the use of a fuzzy conceptual structure (ontology) that is used both for indexing document and expressing user queries. The conceptual structure is hierarchical and it encodes the knowledge of the topical domain of the considered documents. It is formally represented as a weighted tree. In this approach, the evaluation of conjunctive queries is based on the comparison of minimal sub-trees containing the two sets of nodes corresponding to the concepts expressed in the document and the query respectively. The comparison is based on the computation of a multiple-valued degree of inclusion. The proposed approach generalizes standard fuzzy information retrieval and its evaluation on benchmark example is also presented.}