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@InProceedings{ NeCaSaBade2006.1,
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abstract = {This paper presents PapaBench, a free real-time benchmark and compares it with the existing benchmark suites. It is designed to be valuable for experimental works in WCET computation and may be also useful for scheduling analysis. This benchmark is based on the Paparazzi project that represents a real-time application, developed to be embedded on different Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). In this paper, we explain the transformation process of Paparazzi applied to obtain the PapaBench. We provide a high level AADL model, which reflects the behavior of each system component and their interactions. As the source project Paparazzi, PapaBench is delivered under the GNU license and is freely available to all researchers. Unlike other usual benchmarks widely used for WCET computation, this one is based on a real and complete real-time embedded application.}