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@Article{ BaBoFiPo2005.4,
author = {Banach, Richard and Bodeveix, Jean-Paul and Filali, Mamoun and Poppleton, Michael},
title = "{Dynamic aspects of retrenchments through temporal logic}",
journal = {Annals of Mathematics, Computing and Teleinformatics},
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year = {2005},
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keywords = {refinement, retrenchment, temporal logics,TLA},
abstract = {Refinement is used as a way to verify an implementation with respect to a specification. States of related systems are linked through a so called gluing invariant which remains always true during the synchronous execution of both systems. Refinement is a sufficient condition for this property. Retrenchment is a generalization of refinement which relax the constraints between both systems. This paper proposes a temporal logic counterpart for some specific forms of retrenchment.}