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@InProceedings{ MaChLa2006.4,
author = {Martin, Vincent and Chabert, Marie and Lacaze, Bernard},
title = "{A novel watermarking scheme based on bilinear interpolation for digital images}",
booktitle = "{IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Toulouse, 15/05/2006-19/05/2006}",
year = {2006},
publisher = {IEEE},
address = {},
pages = {(electronic medium)},
language = {anglais},
abstract = {Interpolation plays often the role of a source of perturbation in watermarking algorithms. In an opposite approach, this article proposes a novel watermarking scheme based on interpolation in the spatial domain. The purpose of this algorithm is to exploit the perceptual properties of interpolation to generate a mark subsequently substituted to the host image. A theoretical study of the detection and decoding performance is provided, as well as the robustness to attacks compared to classical watermarking algorithms. The properties of imperceptibility and security of this scheme are also discussed.}