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@InProceedings{ NaLaBaBeKa2005.1,
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keywords = {Grid, Virtual Organizations, Access control},
note = { Pages de la publication : SectFullpapers,p.1.},
abstract = {The grid has emerged as a platform that enables inter-organizational internet-based collaborations in a sharing space called Virtual Organization (VO). Building a VO, in an open environment as the Internet, necessitates an access control policy to authorize, control and forbid activities in order to achieve the different partners¿ mutual benefits. Our goal being the dynamic VO creation is then associated with the automated generation of access control policy in a multiple access stakeholders¿ environment. We proposed in recent works a virtual organization model that we specified using OrBAC (Organization Based Access Control model). In this paper we propose a methodology to dynamically build VOs based on our model. The different methodology steps are explained along with the associated related works that serve for implementation. Finally we show an example that demonstrates the implementation of the creation process. }