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@InProceedings{ BoGuCr2006.2,
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keywords = {plane-based self-calibration, metric rectification, homography, absolute conic, circular points},
abstract = {We investigate the problemof self-calibrating a camera, from multiple views of a planar scene. By self-calibrating, we refer to the problem of simultaneously estimate the camera intrinsic parameters and the Euclidean structure of one 3D plane. A solution is usually obtained by solving a non-linear system via local optimization, with the critical issue of parameter initialization, especially the focal length. Arguing that these five parameters are inter-dependent, we propose an alternate problem formulation, with only three d.o.f., corresponding to three parameters to estimate. In the light of this, we are concerned with global optimization in order to get a guaranteed solution, with the shortest response time. Interval analysis provides an efficient numerical framework, that reveals to be highly performant, with regard to both estimation accuracy and time-consuming. }