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@Unpublished{ AmDuGiL'Pu2004.1,
author = {Amestoy, Patrick and Duff, Iain and Giraud, Luc and L'Excellent, Jean-Yves and Puglisi, Chiara},
title = "{GRID-TLSE: A Web Site for Experimenting with Sparse Direct Solvers on a Computational Grid (Conference: SIAM conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, San Francisco, 25/02/2004-27/02/2004)}",
year = {2004},
month = {février},
URL = {},
keywords = {Grid computing, Sparse matrices.},
abstract = {here has been much work over many years on sparse matrices that has given rise to the production of several software packages. The goal of the GRID-TLSE project is to design an expert site that provides a one-stop shop for potential users of sparse codes. We will describe the main features of the expert site and some of the difficulties arising from exploiting a computational grid. Additional information can be found at }