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@InProceedings{ CaRoSa2004.1,
author = {Cassé, Hugues and Rochange, Christine and Sainrat, Pascal},
title = "{An Open Framework for WCET Analysis}",
booktitle = "{IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium - WIP session, Lisbonne, 05/12/04-07/12/04}",
year = {2004},
month = {décembre},
publisher = {IEEE},
pages = {13--16},
keywords = {MARCH, APARA, WCET},
abstract = {In this paper, we present a framework for computing the Worst-Case Execution Time of programs. Because the WCET analysis proves to be complex and time-costly, we suggest that most of th eeffort should be put into the critical parts of the program under analysis. They should be analyzed with a high level of accuracy while other parts are evaluated more roughly. We are currently implementing a generic and free framework satisfying openness and re-usability constraints. In its architecture, the program code is viewed as a spine where WCET information is attached by successive analysis passes. This approach should maximize the possibilities of combining different analyses and should facilitate the integration and implementation of WCET computation. }