Bibtex de la publication

@TechReport{ HaGeNo2004.6,
author = {Haberkorn, Thomas and Gergaud, Joseph and Noailles, Joseph},
title = "{MfMax (v0 & v1): Method explanation manual}",
year = {2004},
month = {juin},
type = {Rapport de recherche},
number = {RT/APO/04/03},
institution = {Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse},
address = {Toulouse, France},
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keywords = {single shooting, differential homotopy, low-thrust orbital transfer, maximum final mass},
abstract = {This report details the underlying method used in MfMax-v0 and MfMax-v1. This method is essentially a single shooting combined with a differential homotopy. The aim of MfMax softwares is to solve a low-thrust orbital transfer with maximization of the payload. }