Bibtex de la publication

@TechReport{ HaGeNo2004.5,
author = {Haberkorn, Thomas and Gergaud, Joseph and Noailles, Joseph},
title = "{MfMax-v1: Short Reference Manual}",
year = {2004},
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number = {RT/APO/04/02},
institution = {Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse},
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keywords = {maximum payload orbit transfer, low-thrusttransfer, single shooting, homotopic method, optimal control problem},
abstract = {This is a short guide to use the Fortran 90 and Matlab package MfMax created to solve the 3D orbital transfer problem of maximization of the final mass for medium and low thrust engines (10 to 0.02 N.). It used homotopic (Predictor-Corrector) method and single shooting. The Matlab interface allows the user to define and solve the problem, and then to draw some graphs. }