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@Article{ AmDuPrVo2003.3,
author = {Amestoy, Patrick and Duff, Iain and Pralet, St├ęphane and Voemel, Christof},
title = "{Adapting a parallel sparse direct solver to SMP architectures}",
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note = {Part of this research was supported by a grant NSF-INRIA number NSF-INT-0003274},
abstract = {We consider the direct solution of general sparse linear systems based on a multifrontal method. The approach combines partial static scheduling of the task dependency graph during the symbolic factorization and distributed dynamic scheduling during the numerical factorization to balance the work among the processes of a distributed memory computer. We show that to address clusters of SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processor) architectures, and more generally non-uniform memory access multiprocessors, our algorithms for both the static and the dynamic scheduling need to be revisited to take account of the non-uniform cost of communication. The performance analysis on an IBM SP3 with 16 processors per SMP node and up to 128 processors shows that we can significantly reduce both the amount of inter-node communication and the solution time. }