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@InProceedings{ ChMaThDuCa2004.1,
author = {Chabert, Marie and Mailhes, Corinne and Thomas, Nathalie and Ducasse , Alain and Castanié, Francis},
title = "{On the use of High Resolution Spectral Analysis methods in Radar Automotive}",
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keywords = {SigCom, radar automotive, high resolution, spectral analysis, parametric modeling, range estimation, velocity estimation.},
note = { Pages de la publication : CDRom.},
abstract = {The aim of this paper is to present the interest of parametric spectral analysis compared to FFT-based algorithms when dealing with range and velocity estimations. The basic principles of parametric spectral analysis are recalled and theoretical results are given in order to highlight the improvements brought by high resolution spectral methods compared to FFT-based ones. Some elements of computational cost are given, in order to compare the two kinds of algorithms. Finally, experimental results are given, showing the interest of these methods within the frame of radar automotive either for range estimation or for velocity estimation. }