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@InProceedings{ GuAiAzBe2002.1,
author = {Guivarch, Ronan and Airiau, Stéphane and Azaïez, Mejdhi and Ben Belgacem, Fakker},
title = "{Parallelization of Spectral Element Methods}",
booktitle = "{VECPAR, High performance computing for computational science, Porto, Portugal, 26/06/2002-28/06/2002}",
year = {2002},
month = {juin},
publisher = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, Springer},
pages = {200--207},
abstract = { Spectral element methods allow for effective implementation of numerical techniques for partial differential equations on parallel architectures. We present two implementations of the parallel algorithm where the communications are performed using MPI. In the first implementation, each processor deals with one element. It leads to a natural parallelization. In the second implementation certain number of spectral elements are allocated to each processor. In this article, we describe how communications are implemented and present results and performance of the code on two architectures: a PC-Cluster and an IBM-SP3. }