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@Book{ Co1999.4,
editor = {Conter, Jean},
title = "{Architectures reconfigurables}",
year = {1999},
month = {décembre},
series = {Technique et science informatiques},
publisher = {Hermès sciences},
address = {8,quai du Marche-Neuf 75004-PARIS- France},
volume = {18/1999},
keywords = {interface flexible, configuration de FPGA a distance},
abstract = {FPGA's are the key technology for improving computer architecture. These devices are generaly used for computing purposes-so called virtual computing-but can also be employed to perform communication tasks. In this paper, we present an implementation of a remotely reconfigurable interfacing unit (RIU) based on the Xilinx SRAM FPGA technology. This generic approach can be seen as an effective alternative to classical USARTs and, by extending the reconfiguration process to the whole computer architecture, provides a solution for heterogeneous machine communication. }