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@Article{ AmDuL'Li2001.3,
author = {Amestoy, Patrick and Duff, Iain and L'Excellent, Jean-Yves and Li, Xiaoye Sherry},
title = "{Analysis, Tuning and Comparison of Two General SparseSolvers for Distributed Memory Computers}",
journal = {ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software},
publisher = {},
year = {2001},
volume = {27},
number = {4},
pages = {388--421},
keywords = {Sparse direct solvers,parallelism,distributed-memory computers, multifrontal and supernodal factorizations},
note = {This work was supported by a France-Berkeley project.},
abstract = {This paper provides a comprehensive study and comparison of two state-of-the-art direct solvers for large sparse sets of linear equations on large-scale distributed-memory computers. One is a multifrontal solver called MUMPS, the other is a supernodal solver called SUPERLU. We describe the main algorithmic features of the two solvers and compare their performance characteristics with respect to uniprocessor speed, interprocessor communication, and memory requirements. For both solvers, preorderings for numerical stability and sparsity play an important role in achieving high parallel efficiency. We analyse the results with various ordering algorithms. Our performance analysis is based on data obtained from runs on a 512-processor Cray T3E using a set of matrices from real applications. We also use regular 3D grid problems to study the scalability of the two solvers. }