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@Article{ CaFéRoSa1999.1,
author = {Cassé, Hugues and Féraud, Louis and Rochange, Christine and Sainrat, Pascal},
title = "{Using Abstract Interpretation Techniques for Static Pointer Analysis}",
journal = {Computer Architecture News},
publisher = {ACM},
address = { ISSN 0163-5694},
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volume = {27},
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pages = {47--50},
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keywords = {APARA MARCH SUPSCA compilation, disambiguation, load/store, abstract interpretation, ULYSSE},
abstract = {This paper proposes a method to perform static pointer analysis using Abstract Interpretation techniques. The results are used to improve low-level optimizations (address disambiguation is chosen as an example) by transmitting information from the high-level passes of the static analysis all along the compilation process. The static pointer analysis is performed on the Abstract Syntax Tree form of C programs. The efficiency of our method is measured by using the obtained information to improve disambiguation in the load/store queue of a superscalar processor. The results are encouraging since, on a mean, we obtain a speedup of 1.12. }