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@Unpublished{ Ba2016.29,
author = {Balbiani, Philippe},
title = "{Solving equations in pure double Boolean algebras (The 30th International Workshop on Unification, Porto, Portugal, 26/06/2016-26/06/2016)}",
editor = {Ghilardi, Silvio and Schmidt-Schauss, Manfred},
year = {2016},
language = {anglais},
keywords = {Concept algebras, unification problem, unification type.},
abstract = {Herrmann et al. (2000) have generalized lattices of concepts to algebras of semiconcepts. Operations between semiconcepts give rise to pure double Boolean algebras. Such algebraic structures can be seen as the union of two Boolean algebras, the intersection of which being a lattice of concepts. In this paper, we study word problems and unification problems in several classes of pure double Boolean algebras.}