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@InProceedings{ Ta2017.3,
author = {Tantayakul, Kuljaree and Dhaou, Riadh and Paillassa, BĂ©atrice and Panichpattanakul, Wasimon},
title = "{Experimental Analysis in SDN Open Source Environment (regular paper)}",
booktitle = "{IEEE ECTI-CON, Phukets, Thailand, 27/06/2017-30/06/2017}",
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abstract = {The paper focuses on the free products used to setup an Software-Defined Network by emulation and real experimentation. Because SDN networking is a challenging research area, objective of this paper is to provide assistance to researchers wishing to evaluate their SDN work in an experimental setting. In this paper, two collections of open source OpenFlow switches; Open vSwitch (OVS) and ofsoftswitch13 (CPqD), which support new version of OpenWRT firmware and the testing switches in our laboratory, have been emulated and implemented in real networks. The performances of OVS and CPqD in terms of UDP throughput, TCP throughput and percentage of the packet loss have been analyzed. The results indicate the consistency of the results obtained by emulation and experimentation and highlight the blocking parameter of the switch processing capacity.}