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@Article{ Fr2016.5,
author = {Frahm, Klaus and Jaffres-Runser, Katia and Shepelyansky, Dima},
title = "{Wikipedia mining of hidden links between political leaders}",
journal = {European Physics Journal B},
publisher = {Springer},
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year = {2016},
month = {d├ęcembre},
volume = {89},
number = {269},
pages = {(on line)},
language = {anglais},
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keywords = {reduced google matrix, network science},
abstract = {We describe a new method of reduced Google matrix which allows to establish direct and hidden links between a subset of nodes of a large directed network. This approach uses parallels with quantum scattering theory, developed for processes in nuclear and mesoscopic physics and quantum chaos. The method is applied to the Wikipedia networks in different language editions analyzing several groups of political leaders of USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia and G20. We demonstrate that this approach allows to recover reliably direct and hidden links among political leaders. We argue that the reduced Google matrix method can form the mathematical basis for studies in social and political sciences analyzing Leader-Members eXchange}