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@Article{ Se2017.3,
author = {Senoussi Hissein, Mahamat Habib and Van den Bossche, Adrien and Val, Thierry},
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keywords = {Multi-channel medium access; Multi-hop without RDV; Prototyping; Performance evaluation; Medium Access Control; Wireless Sensors Networks; WiNo},
abstract = {One of the most important issues for wireless LANs is the access and the share of wireless radio medium. Several single-channel MAC protocols have been proposed and address this issue with interesting solutions, but some major problems related to channel access (hidden node, synchronization, propagation of RendezVousÂ…) still persist in a multi-hop transmission context and are still the subject of intensive studies by the scientific community, especially when it is related to extended topologies on distributed Wireless Sensors Networks. This article proposes a new multi-channel MAC for all types of multi-hop wireless network topologies, without RendezVous, its prototyping and performance analysis.}