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@InProceedings{ Du2016.9,
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keywords = {skeleton, reconstruction, graph-edit distance, topology},
abstract = {The advantage of skeleton-based 3D reconstruction is to com- pletely generate a single 3D object from well chosen views. Having numerous views is necessary for a reliable reconstruc- tion but projections of skeletons lead to different topologies. We reconstruct 3D objects with curved medial axis (whose topology is a tree) from the perspective skeletons on an arbi- trary number of calibrated acquisitions. The main contribu- tion is to estimate the 3D skeleton, from multiple images: its topology is chosen as the closest to those of the perspective skeletons on the set of images, which means that the num- ber of topology changes to map the 3D skeleton topology to topologies on images is minimum. This way, the number of matched branches is maximum.}