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@InProceedings{ Ch2016.11,
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keywords = {iUnit Summarization, entropy, word2vec.},
abstract = {This paper presents the participation of IRIT laboratory (University of Toulouse) to MobileClick-2 Task of NTCIR- 12. This task aims to provide immediate and direct information that can be accessed by users' mobiles. For a given query, summarization systems are expected to provide two-layered summary of relevant information units (iUnits). Two subtasks have been defined named as iUnit ranking and iUnit Summarization. In iUnit ranking subtask, we propose to rank iUnits according to their amount of information which are evaluated using Shannon's entropy. For iUnit summarization subtask, we propose two different strategies to build a summary. The first one is a top-down approach where the first layer is filled first, while the second strategy is bottom-up approach in which we start by filling the second layer. To estimate the similarity between words, we investigated the use of word2vec tool. For all these approaches, we discuss the obtained results during the experimental evaluation.}