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@InProceedings{ Ch2016.7,
author = {Chevalier, Max and El Malki, Mohammed and Kopliku, Arlind and Teste, Olivier and Tournier, Ronan},
title = "{Document-Oriented Models for Data Warehouses (short paper)}",
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keywords = {NoSQL, document-oriented, big data, data warehouse, multidimensional data model, star schema},
abstract = {There is an increasing interest in NoSQL (Not Only SQL) systems developed in the area of Big Data as candidates for implementing multidimensional data warehouses due to the capabilities of data structuration/storage they offer. In this paper, we study implementation and modeling issues for data warehousing with document-oriented systems, a class of NoSQL systems. We study four different mappings of the multidimensional conceptual model to document data models. We focus on formalization and cross-model comparison. Experiments go through important features of data warehouses including data loading, OLAP cuboid computation and querying. Document-oriented systems are also compared to relational systems.}