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keywords = {Information Retrieval, CLEF, Evaluation Forum},
abstract = {This is a report on the sixth edition of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF 2015), held in early September 2015, in Toulouse, France. CLEF was a four day event combining a Conference and an Evaluation Forum. The focus of the Conference is \Experimental IR" as carried out in the CLEF Labs and other evaluation forums, it featured keynotes by Greg Greffenstette, Mounia Lalmas, and Doug Oard, and 43 papers have been presented, covering a wide range of topics. There were a total of eight Labs: eHealth, ImageCLEF, LifeCLEF, Living Labs for IR, NEWSREEL, PAN, QA, and Social Book Search, addressing a wide range of tasks, media, languages, and ways to go beyond standard test collections.}