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@Article{ BeVaAnKa2014.1,
author = {Ben Hadj Mohamed, Asma and Val, Thierry and Andrieux, Laurent and Kachouri, Abdennaceur},
title = "{A Help for Assisting People based on a Depth Cameras System Dedicated to Elderly and Dependent People}",
journal = {Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging},
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keywords = {home automation, Kinect, elderly control, sensor network, smart home, gesture recognition},
note = {ISSN : 2055-1266},
abstract = {In this paper, we propose a help to a comfort system development based on Kinect sensor to assist people commanding their own house by using only their gestures. The system uses a multi-sensors to detect the person, recognize her gestures and communicate through an IP/KNX gateway to act on actuators related to the home. Thus, a simple gesture is able to turn on/off the lights, to switch on/off the TV, to move up or down the shutters etc. We performed a test bed within the smart home of our University Institute of Technology in Blagnac.}