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abstract = {High-resolution panoramic video with a wide eld-of-view is popular in many contexts. However, in many examples, like surveillance and sports, it is often desirable to zoom and pan into the generated video. A challenge in this respect is real-time support, but in this demo, we present an end-to- end real-time panorama system with interactive zoom and panning. Our system installed at Alfheim stadium, a Nor- wegian premier league soccer team, generates a cylindrical panorama from ve 2K cameras live where the perspective is corrected in real-time when presented to the client. This gives a better and more natural zoom compared to existing systems using perspective panoramas and zoom operations using plain crop. Our experimental results indicate that vir- tual views can be generated far below the frame-rate thresh- old, i.e., on a GPU, the processing requirement per frame is about 10 milliseconds. The proposed demo lets participants interactively zoom and pan into stored panorama videos generated at Alfheim stadium and from a live 2-camera array on-site.}