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@InProceedings{ Hu2013.6,
author = {Hubert, Gilles and Cabanac, Guillaume and Pinel-Sauvagnat, Karen and Palacio, Damien and Sallaberry, Christian},
title = "{IRIT, GeoComp, and LIUPPA at the TREC 2013 Contextual Suggestion Track (regular paper)}",
booktitle = "{Text REtrieval Conference (TREC 2013), Gaithersburg, USA, 19/11/13-22/11/13}",
editor = {Voorhees, Ellen M.},
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publisher = {National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)},
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language = {anglais},
URL = {, -},
keywords = {fr@en},
abstract = {In this paper we give an overview of the participation of the IRIT, GeoComp, and LIUPPA labs in the TREC 2013 Contextual Suggestion Track. Our framework combines existing geo-tools or services (e.g., Google Places, Yahoo! BOSS Geo Services, PostGIS, Gisgraphy, GeoNames) and ranks results according to features such as context-place distance, place popularity, and user preferences. We participated in the Open Web and ClueWeb12 sub-tracks with runs IRIT.OpenWeb and IRIT.ClueWeb.}