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abstract = {The compositional approach based on components and driven by requirements is a common method used in the development of critical real-time embedded systems. Since the satisfaction of a requirement is subject to the composition of several components, defining abstract and partial behaviors for components with respect to the point of view of the requirement allows for a manageable design of systems. In this paper we consider such specifications in the form of contracts. A contract for a component is a pair (assumption, guarantee) where the assumption is an abstraction of the component's environment behavior and the guarantee is an abstraction of the component's behavior given that the environment behaves like the assumption. In previous work we have defined a formal contract-based theory for Timed Input/Output Automata with the aim of using it to express the semantics of UML/SysML models. In this paper we propose an extension of the UML/SysML language with a syntax and semantics for contracts and for the relations they must satisfy. Besides the important role that contracts have in design, they can also be used for the verification of requirement satisfaction and for their traceability. }