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@Unpublished{ Jb2013.1,
author = {Jbeli, Maher and Dalle, Patrice and Jemni, Mohamed},
title = "{HMM-based method to overcome spatio-temporal sign language recognition issues (ICEESA, Hammamet, Tunisie, 21/03/2013-23/03/2013)}",
year = {2013},
language = {anglais},
keywords = {Sign language recognition, Pattern recognition, HMM},
abstract = {Sign language (SL) are the most accomplished forms of gestural communication. Therefore, Their automatic analysis is a real challenge which implies interesting to their lexical and syntactic organization levels. Statements dealing in sign language occupies a significant interest in the Automatic Natural Language Processing (ANLP) domain. French sign language has its own specificities, such as the simultaneity of several parameters, the important role of the facial expression or movement, and the use of space for the proper utterance organization, we lead to adapt new methods for dealing this language.}