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@Article{ Sh2013.4,
author = {Shi, Qiong and Comaniciu, Cristina and Jaffres-Runser, Katia},
title = "{An Auction-based Mechanism for Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Networks}",
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keywords = {Multiobjective optimization, Cross-layer design, Ad hoc networks, Performance evaluation},
abstract = {In this paper we address the problem of finding the optimal performance region of a wireless ad hoc network when multiple performance metrics are considered. Our contribution is to propose a novel cross-layer framework for deriving the Pareto optimal performance bounds for the network. These Pareto bounds provide key information for understanding the network behavior and the performance trade-offs when multiple criteria are relevant. Our approach is to take a holistic view of the network that captures the cross-interactions among interference management techniques implemented at various layers of the protocol stack (e.g. routing and resource allocation) and determines the objective functions for the multiple criteria to be optimized. The resulting complex multiobjective optimization problem is then solved by multiobjective search techniques. The Pareto optimal sets for an example sensor network are presented and analyzed when delay, reliability and energy objectives are considered.}