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@InProceedings{ Mi2013.1,
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publisher = {Centre de hautes études internationales d'Informatique Documentaire (C.I.D.)},
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language = {anglais},
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abstract = {In this paper, we address the problem of landmark image annotation, defined as the task of automatically annotating a landmark query image with relevant descriptors (keywords or tags). Given a new query image along with its geolocation metadata (latitude and longitude), we retrieve several other images already available in a community image database (e.g.,,, found within a fixed radius of the location of the query image. We then formulate the automatic landmark image annotation problem as a tag ranking problem over all the tags obtained from these pre-existing neighboring images. We propose several tag ranking factors, and by evaluating them against a gold standard constructed using the geolocation-oriented photo sharing platform, we show that an aggregated measure that combines both distance and frequency factors leads to results significantly better than any of the individual factors}