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@Article{ CaHa2013.1,
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keywords = {Work-life balance, Workaholism, Scientists, Publication history},
note = {Brief Communication},
abstract = {Many dedicated scientists reject the concept of maintaining a “work-life balance.” They argue that work is actually a huge part of life. In the mindset of these scientists, weekdays and weekends are equally appropriate for working on their research. While we all have encountered such people, we may wonder about how frequent this condition is in other scientists in our field. This brief communication probes the degree of work-life balance issues among JASIST authors and editors. We collected and examined the publication histories for all 1,533 of the 2,401 papers published in JASIST between 2001 and 2012. Although there is no rush to submit, revise, or accept papers, we found that 11% of these events happened during weekends and that this trend has been increasing since 2005. Our findings suggest that working during the weekend may be one of the ways that scientists find to cope with the highly demanding era of “publish or perish.” We hope that our findings will raise an awareness of the steady increases in work among scientists before it affects our work-life balance even more.}