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@Article{ ScCoJa2012.2,
author = {Schurgot, Mary and Comaniciu, Cristina and Jaffres-Runser, Katia},
title = "{Beyond Traditional DTN Routing: Social Networks for Opportunistic Communication}",
journal = {IEEE Communications Magazine},
publisher = {IEEE},
address = {},
year = {2012},
month = {juillet},
volume = {50},
number = {7},
pages = {(on line)},
language = {anglais},
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abstract = {This article examines the evolution of routing protocols for intermittently connected ad hoc networks and discusses the trend toward social-based routing protocols. A survey of current routing solutions is presented, where routing protocols for opportunistic networks are classified based on the network graph employed. The need to capture performance tradeoffs from a multi-objective perspective is highlighted. }