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@Article{ Ca2012.13,
author = {Cabanac, Guillaume},
title = "{Shaping the landscape of research in Information Systems from the perspective of editorial boards: A scientometric study of 77 leading journals}",
journal = {Journal of American Society for Information Science and Technology},
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keywords = {Scientific journals, Information systems, Editorial boards, Gatekeepers, Scientometric study},
note = {SIGRI},
abstract = {Characteristics of JASIST and 76 other journals listed in the Information Systems category of the Journal Citation Reports - Science edition 2009 were analyzed. Besides reporting usual bibliographic indicators, we investigated the human cornerstone of any peer-reviewed journal: its editorial board. Demographic data about the 2846 gatekeepers serving in IS editorial boards were collected. We discuss various scientometric indicators supported by descriptive statistics. Our findings reflect the great variety of IS journals in terms of research output, author communities, editorial boards, as well as gatekeeper demographics (e.g., diversity in gender and location), seniority, authority, and degree of involvement in editorial boards. We believe that these results may help the general public and scholars (e.g., readers, authors, journal gatekeepers, policy makers) to revise and increase their knowledge of scholarly communication in the IS field. The EB_IS_2009 dataset supporting this scientometric study is released as an online Supplementary Material to this article to foster further research on editorial boards.}