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@Article{ ThBoHoDeDe2010.1,
author = {Thomas, Nathalie and Boucheret, Marie-Laure and Ho, Anh Tai and Dervin, Mathieu and Deplancq, Xavier},
title = "{OFDM reciever for fixed satellite channel}",
journal = {Journal of Communications and Networks, Special Issue on Recent Advances in Satellite and Space Communications},
publisher = {Korean Information and Communication Society},
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year = {2010},
month = {d├ęcembre},
volume = {12},
number = {6},
pages = {533--543},
language = {anglais},
keywords = {OFDM receiver, synchronization, Gaussian satellite channel},
abstract = {This paper proposes an OFDM waveform for the forward link of a fixed broadband satellite system. We focus on the synchronization tasks in the receiver. Our objective is to minimize the required overhead, in order to improve the spectral efficiency with regard to a single carrier waveform system. A non pilot aided algorithm is used for fine synchronization. It is preceded by a coarse synchronization stage, which relies on a limited overhead (short cyclic prefix associated to some pilots). The performance of the proposed receiver is assessed through simulation results.}