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@Article{ FoBaPa2009.1,
author = {Forest, Vincent and Barthe, Loïc and Paulin, Mathias},
title = "{Real-Time Hierarchical Binary-Scene Voxelization}",
journal = {Journal of Graphics Tools},
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keywords = {Real-Time Rendering of Shadows, Ray-Tracing, Octree},
abstract = {Volumetric representations provide the localization of shapes in space. When such representation is created on the ¿y from the geometry, it becomes very useful for a wide range of applications (constructive solid geometry (CSG), shape re- pair, collision detection, etc. Using the advanced functionalities provided by recent GPUs (geometry shaders, 32-bit integer texture format and bitwise operators), we show how to compute a robust scene voxelization and octree construction in a few milliseconds from any hardware-supported rasterizable geometry. Our hierarchical volumetric representation is thus especially well-suited for hierarchical computation of fully dynamic scenes.}